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Galo Hostel Kobe is located 5-minute walk from Shin-Kobe Station. The location is very convenient for travel or business, good for access to Sannomiya or Kitano. The Japanese cozy retro interior decor will make your stay more relaxing.

Origin of the Hostel Name
“GALO” means “rooster” in Portuguese, which is a lucky charm in Portugal. We felt familiar with the word because a rooster (as Weathercocks) is the symbol of Kobe, also the 2017 oriental zodiac (the year we opened this hostel) was Rooster Year. We named this hostel “GALO HOSTEL” with a wish that our hostel becomes a lucky place for all who visits here from all over the world.

Infomation from Galo Hostel Kobe

Days Closed We close between 6th Jan, 2019 and 11th Jan, 2019.2018年12月1日


 IH Kitchen, Restroom, Shower, washroom

■Room and Accommodation

 6 Mixed Dormitory, 4 Female dormitory, Twin room, Triple room


Only 5 min walk from Shin-Kobe station. About 15 min from Sannomiya by bus and walk. Or possible to come to Subway Shin-Kobe from Subway Sannomiya..


You can make a reservation from this homepage. Please use this page
Good location to visit Mt. Maya. Some restaurants and convenience stores are within walking distance.