Around Galo Hostel Kobe
The area around Galo hostel is a peaceful place. There is close to a mountain and Kitano area(foreigner houses) even downtown. There is a bus stop to Sannomiya(三宮) or Motomachi(China Town area) within 1 min walk distance. The bus runs every 6 to 8 minutes from morning till night. There are several convenience stores, small-scale supermarket, restaurants.  The one of the greatest “divine falls” in Japan called Nunobiki water falls, which are located 15 minutes walking distance from here. There is a beautiful hiking course from here.

Station, Bus stop, Store, restaurant
・Convenience Store → 1 min
・Bus stop to Sannomiya(三宮), Motomachi(元町) → 1 min
・Bus stop to Maya cable station(摩耶ケーブル) → 2 min
・Mini Supermarket → 3 min
・JR Shin-Kobe station(Shinkansen) → 4 min
・City Loop Bus Stop → 4 min
・Bus stop to Harborland, Meriken Park → 5 min
・Subway Shin-Kobe station( Seishin-Yamate Line ) → 7 min
・Supermarket → 7 min

◇Tourist attraction◇

Walking distance

  • Herb Garden Bottom Sta.
    → About 10min walk
  • Nunobiki Waterfall
    → About 15min walk
  • Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum (Michelin green guide 2 stars)
    → 2min walk
  • Kitano Area
    → About 15min walk
  • Ikuta Shrine
    → About 20min walk

◯By a local bus from Galo Hostel

  • Maya Cable(To Mt. Maya “Kikuseidai “)
    → About 13min by bus
  • Sannomiya Shopping Arcade
    → About 10min by bus or 20min by walk
  • Oji Zoo
    → 15min by bus
  • Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art
    → About 15min by bus
  • Kobe Foreign Settlement
    → About 20min by bus
  • China Town
    → About 20min by bus
  • Meriken Park
    → About 20-25min by bus
  • Harborland
    → About 25min by bus

◯Out of town

  • Arima Hot Spring
    → About 40min by bus or subway from Shin-Kobe station
  • Himeji Castle
    → 16min by Shinkansen or 40min by JR from Sannomiya
  • Maiko Promenade
    → About 25min by JR from Sannomiya
  • Awaji island
    → About 1hour by bus from Shin-Kobe station
  • Akashi Sta.
    → About 16min by JR from Sannomiya