Best Tourism Course in Kobe – Sightseeing walking

Kobe is located between the sea and the range of Mount Rokko, which is a stylish and exotic town.  A lot of people who come from abroad are thinking that Kobe is a small town, but here is the 7th biggest town in Japan. Kobe port is one of most advanced ports in Japan with a long history, and this town was influenced by foreigner people. There are a lot of different kinds of fusion culture. 
This area around Galo hostel is a peaceful and relaxing place that is close to natural spots and Kitano-cho area (foreigner houses) even downtown. The one of the greatest “divine falls” in Japan called Nunobiki waterfalls, which are located fifteen minutes walking distance. You will find a wide variety of wonderful places in this town.

I made a sightseeing course for tourists. We hope you will find it useful.

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If you stay at Galo Hostel Kobe, you can leave your luggage before check-in time. Galo Hostel is located a 3 min walk from the ticket gate of JR Shin-Kobe station.

Kobe city bus is the fastest way to come here from Sannnomiya (or 20 min walk).
Get on a Kobe city bus No2   bound for “Hankyu Rokko (阪急六甲)” or “JR Rokkomichi (六甲道)”  .

9:30 Kobe Nunobiki Waterfalls


Nunobiki waterfalls is considered one of the greatest “divine falls” together with Nachi Falls of Kumano. These waterfalls comprise four separate falls: Ontaki, Mentaki, Tsutsumigadaki, and Meotodaki.
It is located on the mountain side of JR Shin-Kobe Station.

Mentataki (first water falls) is about 10 min walk distance from Galo Hostel.
Ontaki is especially famous, with a height of 43m. There is a 20 – 25 min walk from our property.

It is a very popular destination for taking a stroll to see great nature.


Ontaki Chaya

Ontaki Chaya is a Japanese style cafe with a beautiful view of the water falls.
It was established more than 100 years ago.


Famous dishes are Oden and Ramen.

ontaki-chaya-kobe-oden ontaki-chaya-kobe-oden-2


10:30 Kitano Ijinkan (Kitano-cho)


Kitano-cho is one of the most famous tourist spots in Kobe. This area is a historical district in Kobe, which contains a number of foreign residences from the 19th century.  These houses are called ‘Ijinkan’.
About a 13 min walk from Galo Hostel.
There is the famous Starbucks (the building was renovated from a Ijinkan) in Kitano-cho. 


Kitano Tenman Shrine

Kitano Tenman shrine was first built in 1180 in Kitano-cho by a Tairano Kiyomori who is a very famous Samurai.
The name of “Kitano-cho” came from this shrine.


The photograph below is “Kobe mosque” in Kitano-cho.
It was founded in 1935 and is Japan’s first masjid.
kobe-mosque-kitano kobe-jainism-temple

A Kobe city view with Ijinkan from a view spot of Kitano-cho.


Kobe Kitano Meister Garden


Kitano Meister Garden has some souvenir shops and workshops. This building was renovated from Kitano elementary school.  It makes you feel like you’re traveling into the Showa period.

12:00 Lunch around Kitano-cho


There are many kinds of international cuisine including Japanese, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, other countries. 
You will enjoy a lot of variety foods in this area. 
The photograph above is a fish dishes restaurant “Uohide” is managed by a fish shop in Kitano area.  Of course their fish dishes are delicious but a special pasta also tasty.

13:30 Kobe Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction


Kobe Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction was used as an immigration camp.
A lot of Japanese have moved to South America from Kobe port, and they have lived in this building for about 100 years ago. It is a museum from 2009.


15:00 Kobe Venus Bridge


Venus Bridge is one of the most famous view spots of Kobe.
You will see a wonderful panorama view from this place.
It is located on the mountain side of Suwa Shrine near Kobe Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction.

16:30 Under the JR railway “Motoko”

kobe-motoko-1 kobe-motoko-2

‘”Motoko” is a time-honored shopping street since the 1930s.
It is located under the railway between JR Motomachi Sta. and JR Kobe Sta.
There are some nostalgic shops and some small restaurants.
The photograph below is a sweets (snack) shop “Rensei”.


The Mecca of Converse “Kakimoto Shouten” is located on Motoko.
Many people from around the world come to this shop looking for nice shoes.

Tasting Kobe Sweets

Kobe is very famous for sweets but not only Kobe beef.
If you want to try cake around this area, ” patisserie montplus” and ” patisserie montplus” are especially popular.

17:30 Hang out in Chinatown


You will enjoy going around the food stands to try out different things.

18:00 Tasting Kobe Style Miso Gyoza (Dumplings)

Do you not want to try Miso dumplings? Gyoza with soy sauce is a very popular style in Japan but Kobe style is Gyoza with soy sauce and miso. You make the combination with miso and soy sauce.

18:30 Wonderful Kobe Port Night View


There are “Meriken Park” and “Horborland” in the port area.
Meriken park is a big park with a famous monument “BE KOBE”, and  Horborland is a shopping area.
We recommend seeing both views from Meriken park and Horborland. It is a typical Kobe port view.


Morning : Stylish Breakfast in the Church Cafe “FREUNDLIEB”


Cafe Freundlieb is one of Kobe’s most famous sweets shops. The main store was renovated from a traditional church. There is a sweets shop on the first floor, and a chapel style cafe on the second floor. They have some special breakfast that is a limited menu for weekdays. However they have a Cafe menu everyday.
About 10 min walk from Galo Hostel.

freundlieb-breakfast-1 freundlieb-breakfast-6


Mid morning : Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden


Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is one of the biggest herb gardens in Japan.

It is possible to get there by a ropeway (10 min walk distance from Galo Hostel) beside Shin-Kobe station or hiking from our property.

You will see a beautiful view with town and pacific ocean, a water fall from the ropeway.
There are cafes and shops in the herb garden.

kobe-herb-garden-2 kobe-herb-garden-1

12:00 Best beef in the world “Kobe beef”


“Koto no Hako Kobe” is a shopping complex in front of Shin-Kobe station.
There is “KOBE BEEF GALLERY” in Koto no Hako Kobe. The restaurant with a small exhibition hall
is operated by Hyogo (prefecture) meat industry co-operative association.
Also, a famous teppanyaki restaurant “Wakkoqu” in the  shopping complex (above picture).

14:00 Kobe Animal Kingdom


It is located on Portisland of Kobe.
Large part of the zoo has a roof, so if it is rainy, you will enjoy it.
Also you can touch many kinds of animals in the zoo.


One of the most famous coffee company in Japan “UCC” came from Kobe. They have a big coffee museum in portisland.

18:30 Top 3 night view in Japan “Mt. Maya – Kikuseidai”


Mt. Maya is a 700m mountain in Kobe. It has a link from the foot of the mountain to the top. Those are Maya Cableway and Maya Ropeway that get to Kikuseidai Platform. The night view from Kinkuseidai is called a “Ten million dollar night view” .

It is easy to get to Cable way from Galo Hostel, about for 13 min by a bus from the bus stop “Kumochi 6 cho-me” in front of our hostel.

19:30 Eating famous food of Hyogo

If  you want to eat speciality of Hyogo prefecture (Kobe), Beef cutlets or Akashi yaki (it is said to be the origin of  Takoyaki). 

20:30 Live music in a Jazz bar

There is some jazz bar in Kobe from a long time ago.
“Jazz bar SONE” is a famous bar with live music in Kitano-cho.
The music will make you relax, and come to like Kobe more.


Morning : Special bread in a popular cafe for locals


“Toaster” is a very popular cafe for locals and around Kobe.
You can choose a lot of kinds of pastes like Almond, Sweet Potato, Lemon, Red beans, etc, and tea or coffee.
Our favorite is “Almond Gorogoro(Rolling)” , which is special toast with hand made almond paste.
It is located a 4 min walk distance from Galo Hostel Kobe.

shin-kobe-toaster-1 shin-kobe-toaster-2


Mid morning : Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum


Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum is the only museum in Japan to specialize in carpentry tools. Despite being located close to the Shinkansen`s Shin-Kobe Station, it is surrounded by lush greenery. 
There is only 1 min walk from Galo Hostel.

Around 1000 carpentry tools are on show, handpicked from the 30,000 or so gathered to date. Enjoy the skeleton frame of the tea room showcasing delicate gallery works and special models, embodying the very finest in master craftsmanship skills. The museum makes optimal use of its shrine carpentry expertise, offering a valuable program in the new woodworking space for those who want a hands-on taste of professional carpentry skills.

The teahouse that originally stood at the site has been preserved and tree trimming has been kept to a minimum. It is an oasis in the city that is enveloped by a forest.

Afternoon : Mountain or Museums


If you are an outdoorsy type, we recommend Mt. Rokko.
It is possible to go to Mt. Rokko by a cable car or hiking from Galo Hostel. If you go to Cable car station from here, you will get there by a bus via Hankyu Rokko station from a bus stop in front of Galo Hostel.   
Oji zoo is about 12 min by a bus from near our Hostel.

If you are an indoor person, there are Hyogo Prefectural Museum, The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Museum, Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art in Kobe.

Hyogo prefectual museum was made by a famous architect “Tadao Ando”.


There’s so much to see! 

There are so many kinds of tourist attractions in Kobe but we introduced some parts.
I want everybody to know how attractive Kobe!
We wish that you will enjoy your stay in Kobe, and look forward to seeing you someday!

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