Around Galo Hostel Kobe
Galo hostel Kobe is located in Chuo-ward of Kobe city, including the city center and a lot of tourist spots. Our hostel is close to both downtown and nature spots including famous waterfalls and one of the biggest herb gardens in Japan. Also the famous sightseeing area of Kobe called Kitano-cho is within walking distance. The one of the greatest “divine falls” in Japan called Nunobiki waterfalls, which are located 10 minutes walking distance. Also you can go hiking to Mt. Maya and Mt. Rokko from the waterfalls. There is a bus stop to Sannomiya(三宮) or Motomachi(China town) within 1 min walk distance. The bus runs every 4 to 7 minutes from morning till night. The tourist bus called CITY LOOP BUS stop is 3 minutes walking distance (JR新神戸駅). There are several privately run cafes, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets.

・Convenience Store (Family Mart) → 1 min
・Mini Supermarket (Mini Coop) → 2 min
・Convenience Store (Lawson) → 1 min
・KOTO NO HAKO KOBE (AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe) → 6 min
・Supermarket (Gourmet City – Daiei) → 8 min

・Bus stop to Sannomiya(三宮), Motomachi(around China town) → 1 min (runs every 4 to 7 minutes)
・Bus stop to Maya cable station(摩耶山, Top 3 night view in Japan) → 1 min
・The ticket gate of JR Shin-Kobe station(Shinkansen) JR新神戸 → 3 min
・City Loop Bus Stop (tourist bus)→ 3 min
・Bus stop to Harborland, Meriken Park (bay area) → 5 min
・Subway Shin-Kobe station( Seishin-Yamate Line ) 地下鉄新神戸駅→ 7 min
※Kansai Thru Pass available Kobe city bus

◇Tourist attraction◇

Tourist Spots around Galo Hostel Kobe

Walking distance

  • Herb Garden Bottom Sta. (Popular spot)
    → About 10 min walk
  • Nunobiki Waterfalls (Famous waterfalls)
    → About 10 min walk
  • Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum (Michelin green guide 2 stars) 竹中大工道具館
    → 1 min walk
  • Kitano-cho area (北野異人館)
    → About 13 min walk
  • Ikuta Shrine (生田神社)
    → About 20 min walk

◯By a local bus from Galo Hostel

  • Maya Cable(To Mt. Maya “Kikuseidai “←Top 3 night view in Japan)摩耶山掬星台
    → About 13 min by bus
  • Sannomiya Shopping Arcade
    → About 10 min by bus or 20 min by walk
  • Oji Zoo  (王子動物園)
    → 15 min by bus
  • Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art
    → About 15 min by bus
  • Kobe Foreign Settlement (旧外国人居留地)
    → About 15 min by bus
  • Chinatown
    → About 17 min by bus
  • Meriken Park
    → About 20 min by bus
  • Harborland
    → About 20-25 min by bus

◯Out of town

  • Arima Hot Spring (有馬温泉)
    → About 30 min by subway or bus from Shin-Kobe station
  • Himeji Castle (姫路城)
    → 16min by Shinkansen or 40 min by JR from Sannomiya
  • Maiko Promenade (舞子)
    → About 25min by JR from Sannomiya
  • Awaji island (淡路島)
    → About 1hour by bus from Shin-Kobe station
  • Akashi Sta. (明石)
    → About 16min by JR from Sannomiya