Tourist Spots around Galo Hostel Kobe

We ll show you some great sights while you’re here!

■Nunobiki Waterfalls


Nunobiki water falls is considered one of the greatest “divine falls” together with  Nachi Falls of Kumano. These waterfalls comprise four separate falls: Ontaki, Mentaki, Tsutsumigadaki, and Meotodaki.

It is located on the mountain side of JR Shin-Kobe Station.
Mentataki (first water falls) is about 10 min walk distance from Galo Hostel.
Ontaki is especially famous, with a height of 43m. There is a 20 – 25 min walk from our property.

It is a very popular destination for taking a stroll to see great nature.

・Ontaki Chaya

Ontaki Chaya is a Japanese style cafe with a beautiful view of the water falls.

It was established more than 100 years ago.

■Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden


Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is one of the biggest herb gardens in Japan.

It is possible to get there by a ropeway (10 min walk distance from Galo Hostel) beside Shin-Kobe station or hiking from our property.

You will see a beautiful view with town and pacific ocean, a water fall from the ropeway.
There are cafes and shops in the herb garden.


■Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum


Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum is the only museum in Japan to specialize in carpentry tools. Despite being located close to the Shinkansen`s Shin-Kobe Station, it is surrounded by lush greenery. 
There is only 1 min walk from Galo Hostel.

Around 1000 carpentry tools are on show, handpicked from the 30,000 or so gathered to date. Enjoy the skeleton frame of the tea room showcasing delicate gallery works and special models, embodying the very finest in master craftsmanship skills. The museum makes optimal use of its shrine carpentry expertise, offering a valuable program in the new woodworking space for those who want a hands-on taste of professional carpentry skills.

The teahouse that originally stood at the site has been preserved and tree trimming has been kept to a minimum. It is an oasis in the city that is enveloped by a forest.



■Kitano Ijinkan (Kitano-cho)


One of the most famous tourist spots in Kobe. Kitano-cho is a historical district in Kobe, which contains a number of foreign residences from the 19th century. This area is about a 13 min walk from Galo Hostel.

・Kitano Tanman Shrine

The shrine was first built in 1180 by a Tairano Kiyomori who is a very famous Samurai.
The name of “Kitano-cho” came from this shrine.


Kitano tenman shrine with a view of the weathercock house.


■Cafe Freundlieb Main Store


One of Kobe’s most famous sweets shops.  This main store was renovated from a traditional church. There is a sweets shop on the first floor, and a chapel style cafe on the second floor. They have some special breakfast that is a limited menu for weekdays. However they have a Cafe menu everyday.
About 10 min walk from Galo Hostel.


■Best Tourist course from Galo Hostel↓
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